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The very nature of 3D Engineering Animation Services makes it ideal to serve the entire industry spectrum from a small job shop to giant heavy engineering works. It is all about giving shape to concepts, explaining the complexities, showing the unseen and breaking it down into sections for easy comprehension. From a standalone machining centre to a robotic production cell, or an entire production line in a process industry like a refinery or a pharma unit, our technical animationservices help understand the internal working of a machine or process thus aiding in troubleshooting in realtime should a problem arise. Whether it is water and wastewater processing or the working of a windmill, having a mechanical animation is an invaluable resource in routine servicing. Technical animation, product animation, process animation, mechanical animation – the possibilities are endless, the benefits, immense.

Machine Tools

Machine Tool animation, e.g., a 5-axis CNC machining centre, can vividly explain how the job is shaped by the various tools, while the rotary table goes through it motions along various axes. To the end user, it demonstrates the actual working of the machine; for a designer, machine tool 3D animation brings out vividly the design aspects, showing room for further development. For product designers, such mechanical animationservices give further ideas of about the potential of the machine for more intricate jobs.

Process Industries

For Process Industries, 3D Engineering Animation and technical animation is perhaps the most significant because of the scale and size of operations. Imagine a petrochemical complex or a mining operation spread across hundreds of acres with machinery, pipelines and conveyors crisscrossing the landscape. Animation for process industry can graphically bring together the various units that together form the whole operation and present an overview of the entire operation in a sequence of inputs, materials flows, critical operations, intermediate and final products and also process variations.


Animation for Original Equipment Manufacturers or OEMs helps them reach a much wider prospective customer base. Using 3D Engineering Animation Services, OEMs can prepare a complete graphic representation of their products and production facilities, showing both these in graphic details. OEMs have both – Capabilities and Capacities to manufacture, established with huge investments. 3D animations are much economical to do, rather than actual prototypes. Industrial animation for OEMs can demonstrate their ability to manufacture hundreds of different products and use them as an effective marketing tool, promoting their services through manufacturing animation services.

Heavy Engineering

By its very nature, Heavy Engineering is a segment that can benefit most from 3D Engineering Animations. Steel Plants, Pipe Mills, Ship Building or Railway Rolling Stock manufacturing – animation for heavy engineering industries can capture a wide canvas on the small screen, effectively demonstrating the huge facilities that manufacture all that heavy equipment what a day long field visit will barely manage to cover. 3D animation videos can effortlessly show these products and equipment in all angles, as well as all the workshops and facilities, welding and fabrication shops and all their capabilities, in one compact presentation.

Oil & Gas

Imagine if one were to do paper sketches and 2D drawings of all the equipment used in Oil & Gas sector. Drilling Equipment, Compressors & Pumps, Storage Facilities, Heating Equipment, Pipelines, Pumping Stations, Instrumentation & Controls – the sheer scale is mindboggling. With Animation for Oil & Gas simplifies all these things in manageable videos showing all the details in 3D Engineering representation, flipping effortlessly from one section to another, seamlessly connecting the entire operation in easy to understand, comprehend and check each process – upstream and downstream – understanding the critical sections.

Pharmaceuticals Industry

A typical Pharmaceuticals manufacturing unit comprises scores of different processing and packaging machines and equipment. Animation for Pharma Machinery covers a wide range of Agitators, Blowers and Centrifuges – the list stretches on and on. These are either standalone units or part of a continuous process with the formulations and preparation moving from one machine or equipment to another. 3D animation for pharma industry – animation for equipment as well as animation for process – is the best way to graphically bring a pharma unit live for demonstration, showing the internal working of the individual machinery as well as the process – right from the first input raw materials to the finished product, packaged and ready for dispatch.

Energy & Power Sector

One of the Core Sector industries, Energy & Power covers the full spectrum – Industrial, Commercial and Domestic – literally illuminating human life. From power generation to transmission and distribution through various stages, and final distribution and metering to individual consumer, it is a vast network that today embraces conventional and green energy sources turbines and transformers, mini hydel projects to mega dams, windmills and solar farms. Animation for Energy & Power sector covers the entire value chain, detailing all the generation equipment and Transmission & Distribution infrastructure, power stations and sub-stations – the works. Only 3D Engineering Animations can do justice to such a wide sector.

Water & Waste Water Treatment

Animation for Water Industry covers a wide range of product animation services for the extensive equipment and processes used – pump stations, filtration plants, ionizer machines, desalinization plants, evaporators, distillation units, reverse osmosis systems, sludge removers, aerators, among others. With 3D product and process animation, the task of explaining the working of each unit separately or as part of the process becomes much easier. Most of these equipment are installations where it is not easy to access every profile and check the structure physically. The product explainer videos of the manufacturing process animation fill in these details without causing any gaps in understanding.

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