About 3D Engineering Animation

Why 3D Engineering Animations?

Engineering Animations can graphically simplify complicated concepts and convey complex manufacturing processes, which otherwise are difficult to visualize. 3D Engineering Animations can help:

  1. Easily demonstrate without a prototype
  2. Create an upmarket feel of the product
  3. Dramatizing boring information through exciting graphics and Animations.
  4. Cut thru language barriers
  5. Ensure uniform communication of product information
Why 3D when I already have, 2D Animations and images?

Engineering Animations are the latest tech Animations available. 3D Engineering Animations are used effectively, they can help demonstrate products or engineered system’s to full potential, far beyond what a PowerPoint or hand-outs can achieve. They give real-life experience and virtually replace the need for physical products. All this can never be achieved with 2D Animations and photos/Images.

Where can I use 3D Engineering Animations?

Animations can be used in Exhibitions, Tradeshows, Advertisements, Sales & Marketing presentations, Maintenance, Installation process, Training, and E-Manuals. Animations can be used to explain complex products, concepts, and manufacturing processes. Showcase a product that has not been built, demonstrate a futuristic product and increase customer engagements

What is the ROI?

ROI can be as early as the first order. 3D Engineering Animation is very very effective and leaves a solid impact/impression on the client.

What is CGI and its use?

CGI is a Computer-Generated Imagery. Our inhouse high-resolution rendering capabilities can generate CGI and make your product look like state-of-the-art product. These images can be used in presentations, brochures, websites, customer experience studios, hoardings, exhibitions and attract the customers to your booth with eye-catching displays and enhance the perceived value of the product.



EAXPRTS has more than 500 years of combined experience/expertise in Engineering (Mechanical, Structural, Electrical, Automation, and Robotics), PLC programming, Software development, Manufacturing domains, and Project management experience, we can deliver precise Animations depicting real-life situations and helping Customer’s Customer to connect instantly.

Will my data be safe?

EAXPRTS very truly respect and honor our customer’s Data, Drawings (ENGINEERING), Intellectual information received in the development process. Typically, in the beginning, we encourage our customers to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements so that both the parties are at ease. By virtue of being an American Company, we have well-established procedures and systems to protect the data of our customers. We always use all legal, licensed software and hardware to develop and services our customers.

Developing A 3D Animation

Who will write the Animation Storyboard/Script?

Animation storyboard/Script is a very important part of the development process. This is an important part of the data gathering process before an estimate/quote is submitted. We help our customers to co-create the storyboard/script and reviewed it with the stakeholder before it is used. Follow the link to download the Sample Storyboard.

What data will you need from us?

Follow our link “How Do we go About it” to know in detail about the data required.

What is the 3D Engineering Animation development process?

Have garnered a wealth of experience working with companies on the number of Engineering Animations. As such, we have distilled our experience into a delivery pipeline that has worked very well with our clients and is explained below in the form of a flow chart:

What is a typical time frame for developing 3D Engineering Animations?

It all depends on the inputs (Models, Drawing, Photographs, Video, Storyboard) and complexity. Delivery can range from 2 weeks to 20 weeks. So planning is inevitable as the development process is time-consuming.

What will be the final output format?

We deliver 3D Industrial Animation videos in MP4 format and CGI(Computer Generated Imagery) in PNG, JPG, PSD format


What is the price range?

The effort required to develop Engineering Animations depends on the information (Models, Drawing, Photographs, Video) and the Storyboard. Each Animation RFQ is treated as a project and team at EAXPRTS will scientifically analyse and arrive at the effort and delivery. It would be incorrect to compare one Animation cost with another.

How do we mitigate Animation cost?

Developing an Animation is a time-consuming process and largely depends on the inputs (Models, Drawing, Photographs, Video) and the Storyboard. Articulated information consisting of Drawing, Videos, Models, References and open to use a mix of existing Videos/Animation would help mitigate the cost.

Why can’t we develop 3D Engineering Animations ourselves (with the help of the engineering team)?

3D Engineering Animations requires multidisciplinary engineering experience with the ability to understand complex and complicated systems and experienced, passionate artistic team. Needless to mention this requires infrastructure like Hardware, Software, Technology and High-speed rendering farm which is normally missing in customers/industries and more project management.