Dramatize “Boring” presentation thru 3D Engineering Animations

Training powered by 3D Engineering Animations is designed to detail and can easily help users visualize and get acquainted with products or manufacturing processes/systems. It is also possible to cover areas that may not be possible to cover physically because of hazardous working conditions. The training become a lot easier to administer and saves costs and time on resources.

Key Benefits


Showcase how a complex system works


Eliminate need for physical product or prototype


Self-training or education possible

Our Work



Why do I need 3D Product Animation/explainer videos for training?

For conducting training, specialists resources are hard to find and conducting physical training for employees located remotely is a challenge. 3D Technical Animation can be used to simplify the training process. With step by step explainer videos, users can follow exactly what needs to be done, at their own pace, at their own location. This can easily be achieved by partnering with a 3D Product Animation company like EAXPRTS.

Where can I use 3D Product Animation?

To create a 3D Technical Animation video, we will need a brief description of your product or process that you wish to animate. Additional information like product brochures, images will be helpful. During our interactions, we will also capture from you, a sequence of how you would like to cover things in the explainer video. Any CAD models, images, photographs, hand sketches of your product will be helpful. A specialized 3D Product Animation company like EAXPRTS has significant experience in producing these explainer videos, and we can help you as well.