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Engineering Animations can graphically simplify complicated concepts which are difficult to visualize.
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3D Engineering Animation

Our 3D Engineering Animation video can effectively demonstrate products or engineered systems to their full potential and enable your marketing teams to have meaningful conversations with your prospects.

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Sales and Marketing

Animation is one of the most versatile sales presentation tools available. Over the years, we have helped global clients add tremendous value to their presentations and marketing campaigns by developing 3D Engineering Animations. These product animations can effectively demonstrate products or engineered systems to their full potential, far beyond what a presentation or printed collateral can achieve. In turn, this can drive faster sales closures.


Training powered by 3D Technical Animations is designed to detail and can easily help users visualize and get acquainted with products or manufacturing processes/systems. It is also possible to cover areas that may not be possible to cover physically because of hazardous working conditions. The training becomes a lot easier to administer and saves costs and time on resources.

Installation and Commissioning

Installation and commissioning activity is a critical part of any successful project. The availability of the right information and resources to manage installation and commissioning is always a challenge. With the help of 3D Engineering Animations, we can demonstrate a very complex installation and commissioning process in the most accurate and simple way. While creating these animations, It is possible to capture the knowledge of experienced professionals or incorporate best/safe industrial practices and methodologies.

Facility Tour

Physical visits to factory/plant premises may get challenging due to time, resource, or scheduling constraints. Hazardous and technology sensitive areas within the factory/plant can also pose challenges in conducting the visit. With 3D Engineering Animations, we can easily simulate real-life facility tours multiple times, with ease, at minimal or no cost.

3D Engineering animations videos can be used to make an effective sales presentation, demonstrate the process, make an attractive website, collaterals and even social media posts.

Want To Know More About 3D Engineering Animation Videos?


Creating 3D Engineering Animation videos requires multidisciplinary engineering experience, which includes the ability to understand complex systems. You also need a creative and experienced team, conversant with the related engineering, mechanical or technical processes and systems. When you partner with engineering animation services company like EAXPS, you get all this and more. EAXPS has in-house high-resolution 3D Engineering, Technical, and Mechanical product animation modeling and rendering capabilities that can generate HQ animations to make your product look like state-of-the-art. As a technical animation service provider company, we have over 15+ of years experience in developing 3D animation videos.

EAXPS have garnered a wealth of experience working with companies on the number of Engineering, Technical, Mechanical, Industrial, Process, and Product Animations. As such, we have distilled our experience into a delivery pipeline that has worked very well with our clients and is explained below in the form of a flow chart:

It all depends on the inputs (Models, Drawing, Photographs, Video, Storyboard) and complexity. Delivery can range from 2 weeks to 20 weeks. So planning is inevitable as the development process each product animation is time-consuming.
We deliver 3D Product (Mechanical or Engineering or Technical or Industrial) Animation videos in MP4 format and CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) in PNG, JPG, PSD format.
The effort required to develop Engineering, Technical, Mechanical, Industrial, and Process Animations depends on the information (Models, Drawing, Photographs, Video) and the Storyboard. Each Animation RFQ is treated as a project and team at EAXPS will scientifically analyse and arrive at the effort and delivery. It would be incorrect to compare one Animation cost with another.
Developing 3D Mechanical Animation is a time-consuming process and largely depends on the inputs (Models, Drawing, Photographs, Video) and the Storyboard. Articulated information consisting of Drawing, Videos, Models, References and open to use a mix of existing Videos/Animation would help mitigate the cost.


EAXPS specializes in creating future-forward experiences with virtual 3D Engineering Animations helping clients to convert their ideas into reality. For over 15 years now, customers have leveraged our expertise to effectively use 3D technical animations to get attention from their target audience and maximize marketing ROI.

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